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Traceability of business processes

In version 3.3.0 Moonwalker of Onesait Platform we have incorporated a new functionality that allows us to monitor the execution of processes, which is very useful if we have ones that run periodically and we want to know if the process operations have been performed correctly or if there has been a problem in any of the executions.

In this first version, operations with Entities (insert, update, delete) from different data sources (IoTBroker, Dataflow, etc.) have been taken into account.

Here is a simple example of its use.

Creation of a process

To register a process, access the menu option Data Governance > My Process Traceabilities, and access the creation form through the «+» button.

In the creation form, the periodicity of the process execution and the operations can be configured separately. As for the operations, there are several configuration combinations:

  • Activated from/to: it is possible to select a date range for the execution of the process; only during this period will the monitoring of the process be launched. If these fields are left empty, the process will be executed as long as the Active field is enabled.
  • Active Process: indicates whether the process traceability is active or not; the process status will only be checked if it is active.
  • Filter by field: indicates that you want to filter the operations according to a predefined field. This is useful when we have several devices performing operations on the same ontology and we only want to take into account one of them for process monitoring.
  • Ordered execution: indicates whether the operations defined later must be executed in order or whether the order of execution does not matter.
  • Check executions: indicates whether the number of executions of each operation must be taking into account when verifying the execution of the process or not. In the following example, the “insert” operation has been configured to have two executions, which means that for this operation to be verified, two instances must be inserted in the indicated ontology.

To learn more about business process traceability, we have an extended tutorial in our Development Portal.

Header image: Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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