Onesait Platform online training course (part I)

On May 11th, 2020, amidst distributed coffees, cheers and endless video calls, we had the first training course on the Onesait Platform, given by a team of Minsait professionals.

In two posts, we will tell you how this information session went, and we can already say that all of we -both trainers and attendees- ended up very happy with it.

ANow, who were these brave people who dared to study the course? Well, as a curiosity, I wanna tell you that they belong to the Intelligence and Data team, created on late 2018, and that has been a pioneer in the use and dissemination of the Platform. As of today, all the projects in which they have participated have been entirely developed on the Onesait Platform.

This team has been a pioneer in the analytical use of the Platform which, let’s not forget, is our corporate solution. Aiming to take it to other projects and make it known, they thought that the best way was a course aimed both at a technical audience, who could work on it, and at a more commercial one, who is interested in knowing its capabilities to sell it as a solution to our customers.

With these two objectives in mind, the course -in which twenty-nine people participated- was divided into fourteen modules, for a total of twenty-five hours:

  1. Introduction to Onesait Platform
  2. Onesait Platform Features
  3. Ontologies
  4. DataFlow
  5. FlowEngine
  6. Notebooks
  7. APIs and Tokens
  8. SQL
  9. MongoDB
  10. Datasources and Gadgets
  11. Dashboard design
  12. My Files, Web Projects and My Projects
  13. Reporting with JasperReports
  14. Development of a complete project in Onesait Platform

In spite of the difficulties and the fact that it was non-presential, the course was very well received. All the places that were offered were covered and, after five intense days of training, with eight different instructors (each specialized in different modules) and an insatiable desire to learn on the part of all the people who signed up, we ended this first experience.

At the end of the course we made a survey to the participants, and this is what they told us:

Here you have some of the comments of the colleagues who participated in the training::

“Thank you very much to all the trainers, this learning on our platform has been great for me.”

“Great course, hopefully more courses like this one!”

“The course has been great. My congratulations to the colleagues for their great work!”

As an example of the work done during the course, we show you the following functional Dashboard that shows the temperature of the city of Madrid, obtaining the data from the OpenWeather API:

Lastly, we want to thank all the team members, who have given the best version of themselves; from the more expert people to the youngest, who have defended their modules in a brilliant way, and have made it possible for us to be here today telling you about the experience.

Besides, we want to thank all the Own Solutions Development teams, who work every day to improve the Onesait Platform, for all their help and their good work. We hope that, from now on, many more courses will come.

If, after reading this entry, you are curious to know more about the Onesait Platform, leave us a comment and we will let you know when the next training is ready.

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