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Throughout the last quarter of 2021 we have been doing a revamp to what had been our Development Portal, where all the documentation regarding the Onesait Platform can be found; tutorials, explanatory guides, technology descriptors and a long etcetera.

Thanks to the Onesait UX Team, the new portal is finally a reality. We hope you decide to give it a visit:

With all of this said, let’s now talk about the changes that involve the new Portal.

New Landing Page

Until now, we were using the default Atlassian Confluence style, which is functional but in our eyes, maybe is not the most user-friendly.

For this reason, the new home page contains at a first glance:

  • Navigation bar: grants access to the all the contents avaliable in the Portal (no more navigation through the side panel)
  • Quick Access to try out Onesait Platform: for the indecisive or the ones who haven’t tried it yet.
  • The content search bar: perhaps the most important element for those of us who develop, thus facilitating that we can find things quickly and efficiently.

If we browse the page, we will also find information on the latest releases of the Platform, as well as quick access to the next features that are being worked on:

Of course, information about our different social medias can also be found:

Getting to know the platform

Surely we have all wondered at some time, right? Well, we have created our own tab with all the information about what the Platform is, what it is for, what distributions it has, what modules it has and its capabilities.

To infinity and beyond

What do we plan to do this year? What has been our evolution? What incredible things await us in the next few months? We will tell you all this and more in the new Roadmap section (here we continue working to improve it even more).

The documentation, the core of the Portal

Surely the reason why most of us enter the Development Portal is to consult the huge amount of guides and tutorials that we have registered. Well, now it has its own section where all the information can be consulted in a hierarchical and orderly manner.

A demo to try out?

Of course, either in the cloud or on your own machine. In this section, we explain how to try the Onesait Platform completely free of charge.


This new portal is basically the same but it’s simplified and redesigned to make it easier and faster to be able to play with the information.

We hope you like it and that you can squeeze its full potential. Oh, and of course, for any questions or suggestions you have, you can leave us a comment below.

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