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Onesait Platform Community vs Enterprise Edition

Should you use onesait Platform Community or Enterprise Edition?

This is one of the biggest questions that owners face when deciding to go with the platform.

In this post, we’re going to cover the differences between each version.

What is Onesait Platform Community Edition?

Onesait Platform Community edition is a free, open-source Digital Platform that anyone can download and use to build a complete solution over it.

It is perfect for small businesses that want to experiment and learn how to build a solution with the platform.

Because it’s open source anyone can modify it in a way to meet his own needs.

Additionally, you can take advantage of community contributions to enhance your functionality.

What is Onesait Platform Enterprise Edition?

Onesait Platform Enterprise edition is the premium paid version of the platform, it is designed for those that believe the Community edition is not enough.

It is mostly used by bigger enterprises that need advanced features, monitorization and more customizable options.

The Enterprise edition is completely backed by the Product Team. Subscribers get full support by phone and email.

Pricing also includes security updates, special features and exclusive product enhancements.

Differences Between Onesait Platform Community and Enterprise Edition

Here you can see features included in both versions (for more details about modules capabilties see Platform Modules)

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