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We are all familiar with the Development Portal, the website where we have uploaded all the information on the development and use of Onesait Platform, Minsait’s platform, both in its cloud version and in its Community version.

With the idea of simplifying and unifying channels, we have given a new look to our website, reusing the format and styles that we had in the Development Portal to give an aspect of continuity.

Now, the Onesait Platform website contains both the Platform information and the Development Portal integration, so we managed to simplify and group everything in the same place.

Among the sections that can be found on the website, we have:

  • What is: with all the explanatory information about the Platform, its capabilities, etc.
  • Components: a summary of the components that exist in the Platform, with examples of use.
  • Developers: the Developer Portal we all know, focused on the Platform.
  • Support: the support section remains as it was.
  • Innovation: learn how we innovate technologically with Onesait Platform.

Developer Portal

Regarding the documentation section, as indicated above, it is located in the “Developers” section of the main menu:

Here you will keep finding all the information we already had.

We hope you find this website interesting, where you can find all the information about Onesait Platform. The website is already available, at the same URL as always. Our idea is to keep expanding and extending it over time, so as we include new changes we will let you know via Twitter or our usual internal channels.

Don’t miss it! Click on the following button to access it 👇🏻

Header image: Hal Gatewood at Unsplash.

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