Digital Twin management in Onesait Platform

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity or system that does not act as a replacement for the physical object of the system it represents, but as a replica of it, allowing communication (testing, monitoring, control) of this physical device without having to be attached to it.

How does the Onesait Platform support the Digital Twin concept?

  • Modeling a Digital Twin from the Platform’s Control Panel: so that a user can precisely define the interface (inputs, outputs and status) of my Digital Twin. The modelling allows the use of the semantics that are included in the platform (inputs, outputs and status can all be ontologies).
  • Simulation of the Digital Twin: so that you can be testing the DT’s behaviour, allowing you to use the Platform’s AI modules of the platform.
  • Implementation of the Digital Twin: once the DT has been modelled, the Platform can generate code in different languages to implement the functionality required to use the DT in operation
  • Digital Twin Status: our Digital Twins are securely connected to the Platform, and the platform has a Shadow of their status.
  • Digital Twins orchestration: once the Digital Twins are modelled, implemented and running, the Platform allows the visual construction of a Digital Twins orchestration, so that the output of one Digital Twin can be mapped with the input of another, making the forme reacts to the changes in the state of the later.

Creating a Digital Twin

This functionality is accessible from the Platform’s Control Panel, through the menu option Clients & Digital Twins:

From My Digital Twin Definitions option, you define the properties, events and actions that define the Digital Twin, as well as the logic that we want it to execute in each case.

Digital Twin Properties
Digital Twin Actions
Digital Twin Events
Digital Twin JavaScript Logic

Once the Digital Twin model has been created, you can proceed to create the instances of that Digital Twin model. To do this, access the My Digital Twins menu option and configure the connection to that particular Digital Twin:

Executing the Digital Twin

Once the Digital Twin instance has been created, you have the option to download the Digital Twin as a maven project to be able to run it later on the machine where the real device is located, so that you can interact with it remotely.

Once the code has been downloaded, it must be compiled from the command line and a .jar file will be generated. It can be executed on any machine.

Once it has been started up and connected to the platform, the status of the Digital Twin and the actions it is executing can be queried from the ControlPanel Clients & Digital Twins > Digital Twin Status menu option.

In the following link, you can see a video tutorial of how this tool works and how to execute the Digital Twin’s code:

We hope you find this tool useful and if you have any question or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

YouTube | Control Panel – Digital Twin
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