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Onesait Platform available on Google Marketplace

In this release 5.1.0 of Onesait Platform we have achieved the milestone of integrating the Platform into the Google Marketplace.

Through the Marketplace, you can contract an instance of the Platform, which will be self-provisioned in GCP using GKE as the execution engine.

Within the Marketplace, we offer two purchase models:

Dentro del Marketplace ofrecemos dos modelos de compra:

  • One for development environments: with a limited cost and access to all components.
  • Another for productive environments: in which you can choose the necessary components and their scaling.

Additionally, we have created a Onesait asset to simplify the deployment of other solutions in the Google Marketplace.

Developed microservice

The component that has been developed, acts as a centralized manager for subscriptions to any product on the Google Marketplace. It is built on Spring Boot and internally uses Google PubSub for event management and GCP’s Procurement API.

This service has been developed with the aim of facilitating technical integration with GCP for future products developed by Onesait.

How to use it

To use this integration service, you would first have to access the following URL in the technical integration part of Google Marketplace.

This will be the registration page where Google will send the user to contract the product via GCP (with a token). In such page, the user will register, their Google account data being automatically collected (organization/partner that contracts the product), and an account in the system will be created for that user.

The access URL will be that of the specific product:

Those responsible for the product will be able to consult the contractor’s information through a REST API that exposes the service, although to access it, it will be necessary to request an API Key, since these APIs are not public (they contain sensitive information).

For future versions we are currently working on, we are going to implement a push notification channel for products that integrate with this service, so that they will know in real time when they have subscribed to the product.

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