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FTP protocol support in MinIO File Repository

In this 6.0.0-Vegas release we have updated the MinIO binary repository to its latest version.

The main new feature is that, in addition to providing S3-compatible file storage, FTP/SFTP support is also provided for accessing the file system in the File Repository, allowing you to download and upload files, as well as create new folders.

FTP/SFTP access is done at the Platform user level, so that if the user does not have privileged roles, he/she will only be able to access his/her bucket, represented as a folder:

Within this folder, the user will be able to browse his files and make downloads and uploads:

A user with privileges, i.e. with an “administrator” role, can have access to all existing buckets:

Any operation done via FTP/SFTP will be immediately reflected in the File Repository.

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