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Integration of xWiki as an Onesait Platform Module-Extension

We continue to work on extending third party integrations with the Platform, and in this 5.3.0-Ultimate release we have been integrating xWiki as an optional module in Onesait Platform for those who need to include a wiki in their projects and products.

xWiki is an open source platform with LGPC licence that allows you to create and customise a wiki as needed. Using structured data and scripts in different languages (Velocity, Python, Groovy, etc.), it allows you to create macros and applications to extend the capabilities of the wiki, adjusting to the needs of each moment.

User management

For the management of wiki users, we use the Identity Manager module of the Platform, so the creation and maintenance of users will be done from the Platform itself through SSO.

Users are divided into two different roles: generic and administrators. Each role has its corresponding permissions, being able to configure who can create articles, which articles or components are seen by one group or another, etc.


xWiki allows you to create your own visual themes, which has allowed us to create a generic one that is consistent with the style of the Platform.

From this visual theme, it is possible to generate templates (skins) quickly and easily, modifying the logo, colours of the wiki and whatever is needed to adapt the look and feel to the client’s needs.


This wiki is also highly configurable and extensible, thanks to the possibility of using own or third-party expansions. There are more than 600 extensions available for installation, depending on the need for one or another new functionality,

As of today, we incorporate by default a forum extension and a FAQ extension.


We have incorporated a forum system in the wiki, which makes use of the Platform’s own users and whose permissions are configured in the wiki itself.

You can create as many forums as you need, linking them on the different pages so that users can collaborate with the wiki.

The functioning of this forum is similar to other forums such as phpBB, bbPress and similar.

The forum has a search engine for both content and dates, making it easy to search for a specific post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Another extension that we find very interesting is the FAQ extension, where you can define a series of explanatory contents so that users can access this information quickly.

As in the case of the forum, it has a search engine to find the information you are looking for.

If you are interested in learning more about how the integration of xWiki on Onesait Platform, feel free to leave us a comment or send us a notice on our Onesait Platform support channel.

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