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Initial version of statistics on Entities

In version 5.0.0-Renegade of the Onesait Platform we have incorporated an initial version of a functionality that will allow us to have statistics on the Platform Entities in the style of the famous «describe» of the pandas library.

To access the statistics of an Entity, select the «Statistics» option in the contextual menu of the Entity that you want in the Entity list table

When doing so, a screen will open with all the information of the Entity:

The statistics are offered for the different attributes of the entity, and if it is a numeric attribute, then the following parameters will appear:

  • Número de datos no nulos.
  • La media.
  • El mínimo y máximo.
  • La desviación.
  • Los percentiles.
  • Un histograma.
  • Number of non-null data.
  • Average.
  • Minimum and maximum.
  • Deviation.
  • Percentiles.
  • A histogram.

In future versions of the Platform, we will improve and expand this functionality to be able to launch parameterized queries with personalized filters, and also to store these statistics in order to compare the evolution of an Entity.

Header image: Thomas T at Unsplash

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