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Support to Spring Boot applications in Assessment

In Onesait Platform Center, our support tool for systems modernization and migration to the Cloud, we have added the Spring Boot category to the Assessment. In this way, we can add this type of applications, more modern and in line with the trend of decomposition of the application into microservices, to a project, from the initial inventory phase.

In the Spring Boot Applications Assessment, we consider two possible, mutually compatible options:

  • The application already exists: where you must indicate certain information and the path to its source code in the project’s GitLab:
  • The application is new: then the same information is included, except that, in the path indicated in GitLab, the archetype of the new Spring Boot project will be created as a Maven project, ready to start developing. In this case, to create the project archetype, you can use two tools:
    • Onesait Architecture Initializr.
    • Initializer.

In both cases, you will need to indicate the project’s name, Java version, dependencies, etc., with the difference that, if you are choosing a Onesait Architecture Microservice, it will already come preconfigured with many of the transversal utilities to all Onesait projects.

An example of a Onesait Architecture Microservice would look like this:

Whereas a project would be:

Once the process is finished, you will have the project in the Assessment and the source code of the archetype in that path in GitLab:

Header image: Andreas Klassen at Unsplash.

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