Camilo José Cela University Tutor Awards

On October 21, Indra Systems, and specifically the Product Unit (those of us who make the Onesait Platform), was awarded in the Tutor Awards program of the Camilo José Cela University.

This program was carried out throughout the 2020 academic year, with the aim that second-year students could carry out free-choice technology projects, in this case, on the Onesait Platform digital platform.

To carry out the projects, the students were given a series of introductory sessions to the Platform, as well as basic notions of the different tools available to them. Email support was also provided for any questions that could arise to the students. For all intents and purposes, we acted as tutors for the students.

The interest shown by the students was high and they spent many hours reading our documentation of the Development Portal. As a result, interesting projects with a lot of effort were carried out, some of them with themes related to Covid-19, since the pandemic emerged in the middle of the program.

Unfortunately, the defense of the projects had to be done online due to the pandemic, and the delivery of the Tutor Awards was postponed until this year.

Here are a few photos of the award ceremony. We look forward to working with the University again soon!

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