We participate in the DS2 project

The European DS2 project, with which we are participating, has recently been launched.

This project, funded by the European Commission with more than seven million euros, aims to break down industry silos and unlock collaborative innovation by revolutionizing cross-sector data sharing.

To do so, it is going to focus on revolutionizing cross-industry data sharing. Led by VTT, the Finnish technical research center, the project brings together researchers, developers and policy makers from seventeen partners in eight European countries to create a standardized solution for sharing complex data across sectors in a transparent and accountable manner.

DS2 envisions the creation of a modular European environment to connect diverse industrial data spaces. Focusing on the urban planning, precision agriculture and air pollution sectors, the project aims to develop and test a cross-sectoral toolkit with common standards and tools for federating data spaces.

With an innovative approach that will enable industries to overcome challenges related to sovereignty, interoperability, data portability and data protection. The aim is therefore to foster a robust, secure and connected data infrastructure across Europe.

The new network of linked data spaces will facilitate faster and more complex collaboration across sectors, enabling stakeholders to work together effortlessly to share, access and use data for new applications, personalized services and seamless experiences tailored to those of individuals.


The DS2 project is primarily going to be said to:

  • Connect everything: DS2 will create a set of tools to link different data spaces, forming an interconnected ecosystem.
  • Define the challenges of data sharing: DS2 will identify the barriers to sharing data across sectors and create a solution to address them.
  • Protect data owners: Tools and processes will be created to safeguard the rights of data owners and comply with European data regulations.
  • Include everyone: DS2 will use chatbot technology to keep humans involved in making decisions about data sharing when automation is not the best solution.


You can consult the project brochure below:


DS2 has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme CL4-2023-DATA-01 under grant agreement No.101135967, and by UK Research and Innovation under the UK governments Horizon funding guarantee, grant numbers to be confirmed.


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