New Features

New Applications View in the Control Panel home

Up to now, the initial screen of the Control Panel shows a network with the concepts created by that user:

This view is the most appropriate when we are working on the Platform without using the Platform Application concept.

With the new initial application view, a user will be able to see in its initial screen all the Applications created or in which that user participates.

In addition, the user will be able to select which of the two views he/she wants to see by selecting between them on the home screen.

Projects View

A button has been added at the top right to enable or disable the display of projects.

So, by clicking on the change view control, the Application cards will be displayed with their image, ID, description and last update.

To improve overall performance, this listing is retrieved paginated by clicking on the “Load More” button to load more applications.

Header ImageSteve Johnson at Unsplash

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