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REST API to automate DataRefiner processes

Today we are bringing you an explanatory video about a new tool that we have implemented in this 2.3.0 release: the DataRefiner, whose purpose is to incorporate new Data Governance capabilities to the Platform.

This module allows you to load data in different formats (Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.) from a local file, from the Internet or from the Platform itself (through a SQL query), and then work with them to clean, improve, restructure or reconcile them before loading them into the Platform as an Ontology or exporting them as a file.

Our DataRefiner tool is based on the open source software (BSD-3 licence) OpenRefine, programmed in Java with a Microsoft Excel-style web interface, to which we have added a set of extensions as to work with the Platform.

The video is structured in three parts:

Part I

Create a project from a file, carrying out a basic transformation and, as a result, creating an ontology and exporting the data to the Platform in a single step.

Next, import a table file in xlsx format, generate a project, and transform the elements of the first columns to uppercase.

Finally, export the table to the Platform by creating a new ontology with the formatted data, using the export plugin.

Part II

Let’s import the data from the Platform and create a project to refine the data.

Part III

Show the DataRefiner API.

We hope you found this interesting, and remember that more information about the examples and their usage can be found on the Developer Portal.

YouTube | Release 2.3.0 Feature – DataRefiner

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