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We collaborate with Refrival to improve its technical service with IoT technologies and advanced analytics

We are currently collaborating with the hospitality services company Refrival to help them improve their technical service thanks to the use of IoT devices and advanced analytics.

To do this, Refrival is making use of the Onesait Platform as a cloud platform for centralized information management. This end-to-end solution includes remote detection, identification and notification of incidents, by creating a digital twin of the business and the sensorization of devices in real time, which allows technical and operational monitoring of Refrival equipment, thus favoring analysis and decision-making, both proactively and preventively.

Device management

All the information from the sensorized equipment is concentrated in a Control Panel generated in a Dashboard, providing essential information for the efficient management of operations and for the business development.

The control system will make it possible to detect a fault in a piece of equipment and automatically send a technician to attend to it, even before the barista herself is aware, or to improve the control of the equipment. Thus, commercial efficiency is increased thanks to the comparative analysis of each brand, ensuring moments of consumption. This allows, for example, to segment and prepare custom actions. These are tangible benefits for Refrival and its clients, increasing the efficiency of maintenance operations and commercial campaigns from different perspectives, while helping to personalize the service and to streamline the processes.


The Platform also has an important sustainability component, since it improves technical resources, the visits and the maintenance service level. This translates into a reduction in the impact of CO2 emissions, and optimizes the energy consumption of the equipment by incorporating the early detection of anomalous consumption, facilitating the taking of corrective measures in an agile manner. This project lays the foundation for a future traceable and optimized systems environment. It also generates value beyond the service, complementing the multi-channel customer service and relationship model and the Refrival point of sale.

Press note: Minsait colabora con Refrival en la mejora de su servicio técnico mediante tecnologías de IoT y analítica avanzada (in Spanish).

YouTube: El caso de Refrival: Como transformar el Servicio Técnico a HORECA mediante Inteligencia IoT (in Spanish).

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