Webcast: Digital Twin Management

Last Thursday, March 11th, we held the Onesait Platform webcast focused on the management of Digital Twins.

As we mentioned, digital twins are commonplace and trendy in the so-called Industry 4.0 as part of the strategy of companies dedicated to innovation and product design.

By digitally representing a real-world entity or system, digital twins do not act as a replacement for the physical object of the system it represents, but as a replica of it, allowing communication of this physical device without having to be attached to it.

Next we leave you the video of the event with the explanation of how to manage the Digital Twins in the Platform (Currently available in Spanish).

Esperamos que os parezca interesante, y si tenéis alguna duda sobre lo que contamos, por favor dejadnos un comentario.

YouTube | Onesait Platform Webcast – Digital Twin Management

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