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Last Thursday, December the 17th, we held our first webcast on the Platform.

As we told you at the time, due to the current pandemic situation we are in, it was not possible for us to hold those meetings with you that we used to have from time to time, to tell you about our news and progress. Thus, our solution was making a webcast to get through the situation and to keep you informed of what we are doing.

In this first episode (S00E01), we have explained how to install the Onesait Platform Community version in two different environments; one in Linux and another one in Windows. In a guided and easy way, we show you the steps to follow to download, install and configure the Platform, and to put up the Control Panel module as well as some other modules as an example (at the end of the day, all are put up in the same way).

The live show took place on YouTube, so if you did not have the opportunity to watch the stream, we have it recorded so that you can watch it now (in Spanish):

We hope that you found it interesting and that you will sign up for the next one, which we intend to do in the near future.

YouTube | Introduciendo la Community Edition

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