Getting started with Onesait Phygital Edge

As we know you like tinkering with IoT devices, we bring you today a small tutorial on how to create a project in Onesait Phygital Edge‘s Edge Management System, explaining how to register an IoT device and how to connect them to the control and business channels, thus acquiring field information – All of this in a fast and very easy way.

Edge Management System

Edge Management System (EMS) is in charge of device management through the control channel, including remote software updating in the different versions supported by the target devices (firmware or containers).

EMS allows the grouping of devices under the concepts of organization, project and device repository, providing the different views necessary to support the functional blocks usually required for an IoT/Edge computing platform.

Creating a project

The first step when starting to work with EMS is to create a project.

In the following video, we will explain the necessary steps to generate the project, add its credentials and generate the subproject to associate the corresponding IoT device:

YouTube: Getting started with Edge Management System

Registering a device

Well, we already have the project ready, so now we have to register the IoT device that we want to use. In this other video, we show you how to add it to the project we have created:

YouTube: Registering a device in Edge Management System

Installing the IoT agent (Phygital Edge)

Once we have the device registered, we have to include the necessary code for the connections with the IoT HUB. In this third and last video, we show how we can do it:

YouTube: Installing the IoT agent (Phygital Edge)


As we can see, in less than ten minutes we have been able to create a project, associate an IoT device to it, and prepare the device for connection and data exchange. Fast and easy, as we promised in the entry header.

If you have any questions about what you have seen, or if you are interested in learning more about Onesait Phygital Edge or the Edge Management System, leave us a comment:

Header image: Zan at Unsplash

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