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New Onesait and Onesait Platform corporate website

Onesait is the exclusive space for solutions at the service of digital transformation, and within Onesait is the Platform.

Up until now, the Onesait website was just another section in Minsait’s website, where it could be consulted as one of the available Products.

However, since a couple of weeks ago, Onesait has its own web page, from where you can consult all of the Products in detail.

The important thing about this new website is that each Product has its own subpage, with a complete description of what it is based on, what components it has, etc.

As far as Platform is concerned, we have a corporate section dedicated to what the Platform is.

In addition, we have a descriptive list of the existing elements in the Platform, allowing us to know at a glance the blocks that make up the Product.

With this new website, we hope to reach more people and new business models, making the digital transformation of traditional systems possible.


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