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Onesait Platform as a basis for detecting fraud in payments and transfers

The use of Artificial Intelligence is applied in many fields, one of them being the detection of fraud in payment operations and online transfers, something that, as we can imagine, moves a lot of money.

Minsait has developed a solution based on the Onesait Platform, called Onesait Behavior Fraud ,that exponentially increases the fraud detection capacity thanks to the use of a new Artificial Intelligence paradigm capable of understanding and reproducing the methods of action of banking analysts specialized in fraud detection.

The idea is to generate unique profiles of each user, using the Platform’s processing capabilities to analyze their activity, looking for abnormal behavior and verifying that the user is really who they are supposed to be, by applying machine learning and machine learning techniques.

Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to avoid frauds such as the one that recently occurred in an airline, in which the numbers of thousands of credit cards were stolen through a cyber attack, resulting in the theft of 12.2 million euros from their bank accounts.

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