(The Minspait Crowd) Open API 3 Support in Platform API Manager

“The Minspait Crowd” team, made up of Francisco Javier, Erika and Giusseppe, and mentored by Javier, took on the challenge of implementing support for the Open API 3 standard in the Onesait Platform API Manager.

The challenge

The challenge was to support the OpenAPI3 standard on the platform, which implied the following requirements:

  • Support the publication of external APIs from the Swagger Open API 3 documentation to allow the integration of third-party services.
  • GeneratE Swagger Open API 3 documentation for the rest of the APIs: internal platform APIs.
  • Maintain backward compatibility with APIs with Swagger 2 documentation, that is to say, continue to support APIs that follow the Swagger 2.0 standard.

The main differences between both standards can be seen in the following comparative stack.

Here is an example of the same API in Swagger 2.0 format versus Open API 3.0 format:

Pet Store Swagger 2.0

Pet Store Open API 3.0

Modified Components

At the module level, the team develops on top of the platform’s API Manager, adapting the code to meet the requirements of the challenge.

Github repository

The team was working on a public repository that contained the code for the Community version of the Platform:

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