What do the protagonists of Phase 2 think?

After the success of Phase 1 with more than 450 participants, only 50 managed to achieve enough achievements to move on to Phase 2, in which they had to work in teams of three people with the guidance of a mentor from the Platform Core team, and in which they had to develop a challenge on the platform in record time.

But… what do these 50 protagonists think about this challenge? Let’s read some of their opinions:

Equipo Aut 2

Jordi J. Paraire: “The experience with the Onesait Platform Revolution initiative has been very positive, first of all, the formation of teams […] has made us understand what our capabilities are as a whole, and look for a challenge that was not of only added value, but also feasible in the established time. Secondly, the guidance of our mentor […] was key for us to be able to finish the challenge […] I hope that these types of initiatives do not stop at the new Minsait!”

Petra Gil: “It has been a pleasure to participate in this initiative, where on a personal level I have had the opportunity to work with people from other places and also to collaborate in an initiative as interesting as investing on Open Source, without the traditional fear of releasing knowledge, because (here) we are sure that we are good at doing this and can inspire others.”

Kristof Pap: “To me, the open source initiative has been the main drive to participate – working with open source always ends in new learning, be it technical knowledge, cultural details or ways of cooperation… The team for the project he has been optimally trained… Thus, even without the experience of having worked with the platform (previously), I had a chance to be a useful participant.”

Equipo Revolution Team

Rafael San Miguel: “The experience of working with Onesait Platform has meant reducing the timeframe of a project from months to two weeks. The platform solves the cumbersome tasks for a Data Scientist or a Data Engineer, so that they can focus on solving the business problem at hand.

Matteo Lucarelli: “I am very happy to have met the people of my team and I discovered that they are special people, who work well and well prepared, always ready to give you a hand to reach the set goals. My team is the REVOLUTION TEAM, and thanks to this project I realized that it is possible to work very well with people from another country. Thanks to this project I discovered the potential of this platform that I hope to be able to use in the future to create apps and work projects.”

Pablo Pozo: “The initiative in this second phase has been a full-fledged challenge. Having in your hand a plethora of services and options provided by the platform allows the programming of an application in record time […] In addition, having a support (Mentor) within the core of the initiative has made it possible for us to have everything ready. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this challenge.”

Equipo Stranger Team

Jairo Peralta: “For me, the contest was a very good initiative that allowed me to get to know, work and contribute to the Onesait platform both individually and in a team, through the competition. I really enjoyed working with my team, (and) at all times we received the support of our mentors. It was lots of fun. See you in Madrid.”

Equipo DEM

Diego Victor: “It was very interesting for me, and it has allowed me to learn a little bit more about the Platform […] As a first experience, I think it was very good and that it should be repeated, since this is one of the engines that will drive innovations in the platform and the formation of a community.”

Eduardo J. Sanfrutos: “I found it very entertaining and especially useful to get to know the OnesaitPlatform better. Besides, it has helped me learn certain things that if you don’t deal with in person, you don’t really understand them completely. In general very well, the only downside is the time I have been able to dedicate to it, has not been what I would have liked. In general, very well and very grateful for all the help and effort of my mentor.”

Equipo OneLog

Gianluca Vaccaro: “I wanted to participate in this initiative because I always agree to challenge myself […] In a company as big as Indra I believe is very important to be able to interface with colleagues with different nationalities […] This initiative give to me the opportunity to do so.”

Estanislao R. Pérez: “The best part was teamwork […] although we didn’t have much time, and making contact was hard […] we managed to do something functional and useful […] it was interesting to learn how to develop on the Onesait Platform, which will be useful to me in my work.”

Equipo The Minspait Crowd

Francisco Javier Salgado: “Thanks to this interesting initiative, I have been able to collaborate and meet teams from other departments and countries. During the second phase, I could get to know the Onesait Platform working on its Community version. I found the idea of ​​creating an Open Source community supported by GitHub interesting. Best of luck for the future!”

Esperanza Erika: “This initiative has seemed like a great way to highlight and publicize the great software development that is done at Minsait. Besides, it has allowed me to get in touch with colleagues with whom otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to work. This way, we have also been able to verify how, if you have the appropriate means, collaboration and distributed teamwork, this can be carried out without any impediment. It has been a very positive experience.”

Equipo Magrathea

Miguel López: “My experience has been very positive. It has allowed me to get to know Onesait Platform […]and also, to be able to collaborate with the colleagues who have formed the Magrathea team. Throughout these days, I could review the documentation of the platform, see first-hand how one of its modules is implemented and do some research with the Control Panel. I hope new challenges will arise in the future.”

José Manuel Salas: “I have found the experience constructive, I liked quite much the format of the first phase and I found it to be something different to get out of the usual routine. In the second phase, despite the time we have had, I think we have been able to see the guts of the platform and the capabilities it offers to be able to expand its functionality.”

Equipo HungerCode

Juan Luis Montoya: “I think the initiative was a great challenge and an opportunity to prove yourself what you are capable of. A pity, the little time available to develop the idea […] But in the end it has been a positive experience.”

Manuel Vicente García: “This project is completely different from my day-to-day. For starters, I don’t physically work alongside my colleagues; we even have a significant time difference. Unlike my typical project, this one is not back-end, the visual aspect prevails and it is the one that will make the sale.”

Equipo TeamWork+3

Óscar Pérez: “Mysterious from the beginning, it has ended up being an enriching initiative. I’m glad I participated.”

Javier González: “Great initiative, we have had a lot of fun participating with all of you. Thank you, and keep promoting the Open Source community.”

Equipo Team Loggers

Adrián López: “I think the Onesait Platform Revolution initiative was a brilliant idea that has helped the talent we have within Minsait to be reflected on the platform. It has allowed us to develop those ideas that we all had in mind, without limitations or impositions beyond what we wanted to contribute. Besides, it has fostered teamwork by uniting profiles from different fields and even different countries.”

Visquel De Los Santos: “I found the OnesaitPlataform initiative super interesting. I feel grateful to have been a part of it. Being able to contribute to the community with this program fills me with pride. Working as a team with colleagues in another part of the world, and having to achieve functionality in such a short time, was a challenge that I am proud to have taken on and achieved. I thank Indra – Minsait for giving me the chance to put in my two cents and at the same time collaborate and learn directly from professionals with more expertise in the area.”

Equipo TaaS

Marcos Calicchio: “Really, the second phase was really hard due to the difficulty of the project subject, time constraints, heavy flow of information, to learn about the platform and access to the documentation. It was quite rewarding since now we know we have access to a great platform and we can improve on it, not only on our own learning from the many tools available but also improving the platform itself. Congratulations!”

Ovidio Manteiga: “I think the initiative was a fun and challenging way to search for technical talent within the company that might contribute to the Onesait Platform. The second phase was hard … but it was quite rewarding in the end because we faced all the problems and we could come up with some working prototypes.”

Leonardo Silva: “I really liked the initiative and the idea of ​​the project. Open source is a very strong idea because now it is undeniable that collaborative experiences are among the most solid and valuable ideas in the technological environment […] I have also really enjoyed working with you […] I think we have done the best, we tried to help each other and understand our difficulties.”

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