(TeamWork+3) Strengthening the Open Source concept

One of our teams formed in Phase 2 of the Onesait Platform Revolution initiative, the TeamWork+3 group, proposed reinforcing the Open Source concept of the platform, removing the Google maps used in it.

After an analysis of the maps located on the Platform, this team detected the use of Google Maps for the Digital Twins.

Digital Twin
Form to create a Digital Twin.

For this reason, they decided to reinforce the Open Source concept by changing the maps supported by Google for other open source ones, specifically by Cesium, already used in other Platform components because it is an open source JavaScript library, to create class 3D globes and maps, worldwide, with great performance, accuracy, visual quality and ease of use.

To do this, once the Platform was installed, they included the specific Cesium scripts in the Control Panel, in addition to the pertinent changes to make it work.

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