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Kubernetes POD management from Control Panel

Version 5.3.0-Ultimate of Onesait Platform, Minsait’s platform, is now available, and with this version we have included a new feature that allows users with an “Administrator” role to manage the PODs deployed in the Platform’s Kubernetes cluster. That is, they will be able to start, stop and scale the Platform services (and microservices in the same namespace) from the Control Panel itself.

How does it work?

In the main view screen of the Control Panel, a new section will be displayed, which will include the indicators concerning the status of the Platform installation:

In addition, we have included a new section in the administration menu called Environment Management that will allow access to the list of all Platform services deployed in the configured namespace.

In this user interface you will be able to observe the memory and CPU consumption, both globally and at the service level for the configured namespace.

In addition, from this interface it will be possible to operate on the services deployed in the Kubernetes cluster, being able to stop them, start them, restart them, modify their base image and scale them depending on the specific needs:

Finally, by clicking on the Configuration button of each of the services, you will access the details of the module configuration, being able to view different information, such as available ports, storage, environment variables, etc.

How is it configured?

In order to have this functionality, it will be necessary to include in the centralized configuration of the Platform the connection data to the corresponding CaaS (Openshift or Rancher).

This configuration is called KubernetesManager, and it looks like this:

The “type” attribute will allow selecting the corresponding CaaS (Openshift or Kubernetes-Rancher). And the credentials attribute will include the credentials defined in the CaaS.

If you are interested in learning more about this new upgrades implemented on the Platform, do not hesitate to leave us a comment or send us a notice on our Onesait Platform support channel.

Header image: Growtika at Unsplash.

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