CloudLab update to version 2.1.3-gradius

As you know, CloudLab is our free online Onesait Platform instance, which we have available for you to test and exploit its potential without any limitation.

Up until now, the environment was working with the 1.6.2-empire version of the Platform, but we have just updated it to the 2.1.3-gradius version, with the new improvements that this implies.

We have already talked to you about version 2.1.0 and the new features that it includes. In this 2.1.3 revision, which is the current stable version of gradius, several bugs have been corrected and new features have been added.

So geat a move on with your user to CloudLab and test all the new features you have available.

Change log

Version 2.1.3-gradius

  • ControlPanel:
    • Bug by which the associations user/role in a Realm are deleted one by one by the API “/authorization/realm/{identification}/user/{userId}” has been fixed.
    • Web Project associated to Projects are shown in a new tab.
    • Bug on reset button in create Ontologies Timeseries has been fixed.
    • Created date has been disabled and Delete date can be setted on create/edit Users.
    • Bug exporting/importing Gadgets associated to Dashboards has been fixed.
    • Bug on Search option in Ontology CRUD has been fixed.
    • Error management when an Ontology associated to other elements is going to be deleted has been improved.
  • Dashboards:
    • Text bug on create new synoptic has been fixed.
    • Datasource error management has been improved.
    • Dashboard wrapper has been improved.
  • Open Data:
    • Gravitee Swagger is shown if the API is published on Gravitee.
    • Identificator management has been improved.
    • Bug by which Public Check was allways checked has been fixed.
    • Bug downloading from a Resource created from a GIS Viewer has been fixed.

Version 2.1.3-rc2

  • ControlPanel:
    • Bug on API id setting when is created from Ontology created Pop-up has been fixed.
    • Session expired error is managed on QueryTool.
  • Open Data:
    • Version is showed when a Resource is created from an API.
    • Bug syncing to an Ontology has been fixed.
    • Bug creating a Resource from a GIS Viewer has been fixed.

Version 2.1.3-rc1

  • Notebook:
    • Bug by which clone notebook option on project resources list doesn’t work has been fixed.
  • ControlPanel:
    • Bug by which User List redirect option appears on View User Data header has been fixed.
    • Bug on export/import functionality with Realms and Projects has been fixed.
    • Login logo has been changed. 

Version 2.1.2-rc2

  • API Manager:
    • Monaco editor has been added on Custom APIs.
  • ControlPanel:
    • Administrator menu order has been changed.
    • Developer menu order has been changed.
    • Analytics menu order has been changed.
    • Bug when a Ontology with geometry info is created from a file has been fixed.
    • Bug on footer links redirect has been fixed.
  • Dashboards:
    • Bug on Administrator Dashboard API by which a disordered Dashboards list are returned has been fixed.
    • The error response when a user without authorization access to dashboards editfull option has been changed.
  •  Other bug fixes:
    • Bug on Spring Client Query Library has been fixed.

Version 2.1.2-rc1

  • DataFlow:
    • Onesait Platform Update node response can be configured when there are no updates.
    • Upsert functionality has been added on Onesait Platform Update node.

Version 2.1.1-rc1

  • ControlPanel:
    • Bug inserting data on Ontologies Timeseries has been fixed.
  • Dashboard:
    • Bug filtering by date has been fixed.
    • CSS ODS style and headerlibs edit from experimental Vue branch have been added.
  • DataFlow:
    • Log download url has been corrected.
  • FlowEngine:
    • Bug on Start DataFlow node with resetOrigin parameter has been fixed.
    • Bug with self-signed certificate has been fixed.

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