Why Onesait Platform?

We are talking all day about Onesait Platform this, the Platform that, but…

What is it?

The Onesait Platform is a solid, Open Source-based, digital platform that integrates services which…

…facilitate accelerated development and efficient operation of any type of digital solution in a company…

…accompanied by IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies…

…enables flexible deployment (at any private or public cloud, or at the customer’s premises), allowing services from any manufacturer to be independently consumed and avoiding vendor-locking…

…covers the life cycle of the information, integrating it into a single, reliable source, allowing descriptive and predictive analysis to improve the business’s scalability and performance.

High level functions

Okay, so, now that we know what the Platform is, what does it consist of? Which are the functional modules?

It drives your business’ transformation and the agile development of new low-code and data-centric initiatives based on APIs, increasing the capacities of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.

It improves, anticipates and speeds up decision making to extract valuable insights by analysing all your information as a whole and together with the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence, adding intelligence to your processes.

It discovers, in detail, what is happening in both the physical and virtual worlds. It collects information provided by sensors and acts on that in real time, in your systems and in field devices.


And what are its feature, that make it what it is?

The information is integrated into a single reliable source, avoiding silos of dispersed information.

Business decision making is based on the use of available data.

To adapt to your needs at all times, we have a hybrid system deployment model: Cloud and On-premise.

We have perfected scalability and flexibility to be able to extend the components from an open architecture (multi-IaaS and Open Source).

To be able to generate immediacy in the provision of services, we have real-time connections and analytics.

Worried about your data? We have end-to-end component and function securitisation to prevent cyber attacks and comply with legislation (Spanish LOPD).

We have an intrinsic flexibility to create and connect with solution ecosystems and manage all the necessary processes.

The use of Open Source-based technologies allows us to avoid lock-in and dependence on third parties.

We provide the possibility of making different types of technologies coexist in the same system map.

Benefits and impacts

Having said that, what do we get out from the Onesait Platform?

Transparency, innovation and supplier independence through our Open Source technology.

A number of quantifiable savings in architecture, development and maintenance of the systems.

Optimisation of the company’s current system map and an improvement in its operational performance.

A reduced time-to-market of new developments thanks to the comprehensive Platform management.

A substantial improvement in business decision making thanks to the exploitation of data with IoT, Big Data and AI technology.

The removal of information silos through the unification of information to a single data source.

As you can see, it’s all advantages. All this information and much more can be found in our Developer’s Portal.

We hope you found this interesting and, if you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer them.

Finally, remember that you can play around with the Onesait Platform CloudLab, our open, free-of-charge trial version, or you can also download and locally install the Onesait Platform Community Edition, the open-source, free-of-charge version.

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