The most seeked-for programming languages for 2020, according to JetBrains

JetBrains, previously known as IntelliJ Software, is a company dedicated to the creation of tools for software developers. Ever since 2016, it has conducted an annual survey asking software developers all over the world which programming languages they use and what they use them for.

For 2020, it has asked 19,696 developers to identify the latest trends in tools, technologies, programming languages and many other aspects of the development world. The conclusions they reached are as follows:it is the most popular main programming language among developers.

  • Java: it is the most popular primary programming language among developers.
  • JavaScript: it is the most widely used language.
  • Web pages: application developers mainly work in those.
  • Back-End of the Web: it is the most popular development platform.
  • Go, Kotlin and Python: are the three primary programming languages that developers would like to use or migrate to.
  • Python: it has surpassed Java in the list of programming languages used in the last twelve months. It is currently the most studied language, and in the last year, 30% of respondents started learning, or continued learning, Python.
Source: JetBrains

The developers were also asked what operating systems hosted their development environments, and they replied that 60% used Windows, 50% Linux, 44% MacOS and 1% other operating systems. A single developer can, of course, use several operating systems.

What platforms do they program for? In general, 69% program for the back-end of the web, and 57% for the front-end, followed by desktop applications with 35% and mobile devices with 32%. Once again, a development can be oriented to several platforms.

Source: JetBrains

Considering this, the question remains as to what types of software respondents develop. Here, we find that 54% of them focus mainly on websites, 36% on small applications and up to 30% on databases and storage.

Source: JetBrains

Finally, and regarding the use of Open Source, the developers were also asked about that. 44% of them specified that they do not participate in any project, but would like to; while only 20% of the respondents stated that they had contributed at some point.

Source: JetBrains

This is a matter of taste: When it comes to using one or other language, it will depend on one’s preferences and work needs, but the market trend has been clear for several years now, and Python is in the lead. The question is: For how long? We shall see.

Original article: The State of Developer Ecosystem 2020

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