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Onesait Platform, Community Edition

Making the most of the push that we are giving to our Open Source version of the Platform, we are going to give you a small reminder of what exactly it consists of.

The Onesait Platform consists of two editions: one with commercial support aimed to companies that require advanced functions and monitoring, called Onesait Platform Enterprise Edition (commonly known as just Onesait Platform), and another version, open source and free-to-use, called Onesait Platform Community Edition (called Onesait Platform CE).

Available modules depending on the version.

The Onesait Platform CE is our free access platform, which any of you can download and use to create your complete solution using its technology and several tools that are included.

Who is this platform for? Well, let’s say that it has two possible objectives: on the one hand, it is aimed at those small companies that want to learn about our product, that want to experiment with it and see what they can do without having to pay for a user license.

For many, one of its most important features.

On the other hand, developers and technical enthusiasts who want to experience the latest platform features in non-critical development environments. It is also useful as a research vehicle for new features, as well as a platform for community-driven contributions and development; those are some of the advantages of being an open source product.

To distribute the Onesait Platform CE, we have a GitHub repository where you can download it, generate your own branches or even see the projects carried out by the Onesait Platform Revolution event teams that took place between September and October, 2019.

Do you think there is something that can be improved? Do you think that applying another technology to a solution can improve the results? Are ew missing any features? Do not you think it anymore: Enter and collaborate, we will always be grateful.

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