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AXPO selects Minsait to improve the monitoring of wind farms

Axpo, the Swiss energy company, has selected Onesait Platform as its tool for the implementation of improvements in the monitoring of the wind farms it manages.

Thanks to the use of the Platform, it will be possible to improve the performance of more than 130 wind farms located in nine European countries, totaling 2,170 MW of installed capacity. Besides, the use of our environment will contribute to increasing the power managed by the company, which includes that of its own wind farms in Europe as well as that of third parties.

As an example of the scope of data that the Platform will manage, it will monitor up to 200 signals every ten minutes from more than 1,500 turbines, which represents an average of 20 million data per day – without taking into account the weather forecast information from external providers.

Press note (in Spanish): Axpo selects Minsait to improve the monitoring of wind farms (La Vanguardia)

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